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Course info:


  • 5K/3.1 mile Run in your own neighborhood, or here at Moraine Hills State Park. Our well-marked course is on the combined asphalt and crushed lime trails of the Leatherleaf Bog Trail. Gorgeous!  

  • 10K/6.2 mile Again, run where you are or...  Enjoy the Lake Defiance and Leatherleaf Bog Trails where our well-marked course features views of the lake, rolling wooded and prairie hills, and marshes. Lovely!  

  • Half Marathon/13.1 mile See the trend here? Run anywhere! Our half-marathon course covers just about every trail in the park. It is well marked and will include directional signage at trail junctures throughout September 1 - 26 for those completing the virtual runs.  Stunning views!  

  • Trifecta - Run all three races within the virtual time frame!  

Place and finisher medals will be given to in-person participants only. 

Walkers, please walk only two abreast, yield to runners by walking single file, and stay vigilant for others approaching you. In some sections of the course, there may be runners coming from both directions. This will ensure everyone has plenty of room!

Please note, race support will end at 12:30 pm.

Questions? Contact the Race Director.

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