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Inside the Nature Center
Want to see ancient arrowheads used by Native Americans that were found in Illinois? How about viewing the glass-enclosed bee hive during the summer growing season? What tools did early naturalists use to discover their natural world?  Find out by coming to the Visitor Center! These are only some of the items you can see in the exhibits.
Challenge yourself to play the interactive "What Animal Was This?" game, find out how the Park got its name, or see what fish swim within Lake Defiance, which is located next to the building. There are two scavenger hunts, one for 2nd/3rd graders, and another for 4th/5th graders – which kids can learn something while having fun!
The Nature Center is open when we have volunteer docents, usually 10:00 am to 3:30 pm from Thursdays through Sundays, April through mid-November. To double-check that the Center is open, call ahead at 815-385-1624. 
                              Photos by Bob Vetter         Click on photos to enlarge and read the captions
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